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15 Seconds of Zo

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Objectively speaking, these videos don’t make sense…but together they string together an eloquent story about—nah actually they are completely random. lol don’t ask me to explain what my train of thought is when making these random videos for my Instagram page, I assure you there is no formula; apparently the last couple videos I did landed up on the Instagram explore/popular page. I’m glad thousands of you out there can relate to my special way of communicating :P






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Sky Phantom

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See More HERE I recently did another collaboration with my friends over at Boda Skins up in the Hollywood Hills. Here are a few pics from that project-
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Hey! I’m Back!

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Sorry for the lack of updates on here guys! I’ve been in the middle of a BIG MOVE (hello LA!) I’m so excited to finally be here & begin production on all the cool projects I have in store for you. The best way to keep up to date with me is on Instagram & facebook where I do frequent updates. PS starting next week, new videos every Monday on my YouTube channel. :) 


Oh yeah & let me know HERE which of the two looks below that you want for the Sky Phantom project!


December 19, 2013 in Collaborations, Social Commentary, YouTube

Asian Guy VS White/Black Girls

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My Friend Brian & I decided to venture on a social experiment; we explored themes of racial identity, arcane ideologies, socially reinforced stereotypes…yeah I can already see you falling asleep…SO INSTEAD WATCH WHAT WHAT HAPPENED BELOW! :-D

(UPDATE: these 2 videos have collectively been viewed by over HALF A MILLION people! this is crazy ha! More to come!)

Asian Guy VS Black Girls 

Asian Guy VS White Girls

These videos marks the launch of my BRAND NEW YouTube channel network HERE which will feature candid videos, sketches, short films, collabs & other original content.  (I will still keep uploading to my other channel @YoEdwardZo, but the videos on YoEdwardZo will be regulated to VLOGs & Cover Songs)

PS Follow me on INSTAGRAM for regular updates!
-Edward Zo

November 13, 2013 in Collaborations, YouTube

@EdwardZo x @JaseNewYork

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You asked for it & you got it! :)  Here’s a quick cover I did of “Stand By Me” – this cover will be the first of many videos to come in a series of short films, skits & collabs on my new YouTube channel.  I do have a couple of feature films in the works (one of which we are currently doing a Kickstarter campaign for!* ), but outside of film projects, something I’d really like to do is connect with all of you more; -I think the best way to do that on a mass scale is through YouTube! I have so many exciting things in the works for you so please be sure to subscribe by clicking here: http://smarturl.it/SubscribeToZo

btw a huge shoutout to my family of 175,000+ (& growing!) subscribers on Instagram  your daily encouragement keeps me working hard! :)


*Regarding that Kickstarter project, I’m working with a new trainer & undergoing a new fitness regimen for the film I am shooting next month! Here’s Day 1 Week 1 of my new #fitgoals – abs aren’t as defined as before the summer but just you wait :P
Sunglasses are by my friends over at @JaseNewYork  you can get a pair of  your own here 

and special thanks to GL who sent me this awesome collection of men’s wristwear pieces. 

I have a pretty big announcement coming next week. Make sure you are connected with me over at my Instagram and YouTube page so you don’t miss it.

For everything else- let’s talk over on my Facebook page! :)


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Kingdom: Prologue

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editor’s note: I’m posting this in early preparation for the influx of traffic from the ‘Kingdom’ project. This post will be updated with more pics later on, continue reading below if you are here for the backpack—-


1st things 1st: I would like to give a big welcome to all of the new people visiting my blog from LookBook. EdwardZo.com is an ever evolving digital exhibition of film. life. art. & style;  it is successful & remains relevancy because of your viewership so thank you!

In order to stay up to date with all of my projects, please make sure you add me on Instagram and Facebook and most importantly – my new YouTube channel (where I will be uploading weekly vlogs, short films & more).

About the backpack that you are all curious about, it is available for purchase HERE or here: http://smarturl.it/EdwardZoSG

Not only are these backpacks an aesthetic piece of wearable art, they are fully functional; it will fit your laptop (up to 15.6 inches) and your other daily essentials (the inside volume cavity is 15 litres).

Lots of people have been emailing me asking me: “is it comfortable?” Answer: YES! It seriously feels like air. Why and how?  It’s made from polypropene- an extremely durable and light weight material. Up until now, such sheets were only used for industrial purposes; these are the very first consumer products made from such sheets. 

Don’t wait to get these because they are selling out FAST! Head here to pick up one of your own: http://smarturl.it/EdwardZoSG

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Instagram: @EdwardZo

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Instagram: @EdwardZo


I posted another one of these OutfitGrids on my Instagram page & WOW! Over 2,000+ of you immediately poured in your feedback & chose “B”!  That’s what I love about social media; I get to know all of your thoughts & opinions in real time. This will be even more awesome when I start rolling out my bigger projects *hint hint*. For those who chose A” don’t worry because *drumroll*——tomorrow I’ll be posting up pics of “A” :) Yup! That’s right lol the days of waiting a whole week for a single update are OVER. I’m on a roll wahooo!  Also just want to say a huge thank you to all my new subscribers on YouTube ; new video on Friday! (Triple Whammy) KAPOW.pick



I’ve also brought on two new production assistants to join my team (Charena on the right, Shelby on the left) They’ve been helping me on a #SecretProject.  As u can see, every now & then Charena likes to reward herself with a #HairLick :P Say hello to them here:

September 12, 2013 in short films, Social Commentary

Edward Zo Presents: Convergence (Short Film)

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Do you believe in the idea of Soul Mates? My new experimental short film ‘Convergence’ explores themes of time, parallels, love, souls, & multiple dimensions. Watch the full video by visiting my new YouTube channel HERE

September 10, 2013 in Fashion, Photoshoots

Roar (X)

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I had a photoshoot scheduled the other day so I decided to make a grid (pictured below). I asked my Instagram followers (here) to choose between “A” or “B” & surprisingly a large number of people (over 500!) had some kind of vote, opinion or comment- guess I’ll be doing more of these! p.s. the experimental short film that my friends & I have been working on will be posted tomorrow! Really sorry for all the delays-we had a couple issues to fix with the sound & whatnot. Oh also, starting this month I am launching a brand new creative series online- I will announce the details in a vlog on my YouTube channel (here) Secret casting calls are already underway!  (you know who you are) :)



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